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** Sorry we are no longer shipping overseas due to the problems with delays in orders reaching our customers . If the situation changes I will update . Our apologies 

NEW ZEALAND: We use NZ Post to ship all our orders.

Our standard shipping cost is $7.95 per order,not per item within New Zealand.

If your order requires a bigger post bag we will email you to discuss the additional shipping cost.

Sorry we do not offer Saturday delivery.

Additional rural delivery fee is $4.50 per order for north island delivieris. For South island please email us.

In the shopping area there is a catergory- RD addresses- please add the additional rural delivery cost to your shopping cart or alternatively please have your order shipped to a family or friend to save on this cost

You will be emailed or texted with a track n trace number.


We will not be responsible for orders shipped to incorrect addresses: please ensure you provided us with your full postal address including a post code AND a contact phone number.

Taupo: If you live in Taupo and wish to place an order there are no shipping costs -

Please contact me to arrange collection of your order.

Please don`t hesitate to email us if you have any queries-


Kath Poole

01.02.2022 20:19

Do you ship to UK please

Kath Poole

28.01.2022 21:20

Do you deliver to UK please and how much for bracelet and couple of studs


26.06.2018 09:53

I just wanted to check before purchasing that the 12mm studz for earrings come in pairs?


26.06.2018 11:41

Hi Dianne. You will need to order 2 studz to make up a pair. The actual earrings are sold as a pair but not the studz as these are also used for other 12 mm pieces ie bracelets and necklaces. Thankyou


13.10.2017 07:20

Hi I was at the Waikato Home Show last weekend and took a couple of photos of your tops as you suggested. Now I'm wanting to place an order for two of them. Can you please let me know your email addre


13.10.2017 08:43

Thanks for your message- please email me at
Please also include your ph number.
Many thanks😊


Do you have the expandable rings for the domes ?


27.09.2017 18:15

13.10.2017 08:45

Sorry not sure how I miss your message- my apologies . Yes they are $10 each.
Please feel free to email me at the following address if you would like me to email you a pic.

Sue Hough

27.08.2017 07:33

Hi, we were in the Taupo shop today and the lady said to contact you to see if you have any plain keyrings (its for a boy). Thanks, Sue


13.10.2017 08:46

Sorry Sue for my very late reply. I can get a plain black leather strap that's a key ring.
My email is-
Thankyou 😊

Shirley Evans

22.06.2017 03:59

I met your lady at the New Plymouth Art & Craft Fair and purchased the earring base and six clickz. I purchased two odd clickz and she was going to ring me. I have not heard she took photos. Thanks.

Liz Benny

20.04.2017 20:04

Any stockists in Queenstown area?


20.04.2017 20:35

Hi Liz sorry no but you can order from my website or if you are ever in Taupo we have a shop😊

Lisa Murray

30.11.2016 11:36

Hi Jo Lisa from Auckland here...I messages online but I dont think you received it. Quick question the black leather bp801 do you have these in the 21 cm ? Any stainless rings in? Thanks lisa

Jo Hoogerbrugge

06.12.2016 01:07

Hi Liz just to let you know as per our emails I have ordered the ring for you and it should be here later this week.I will be in touch when it arrives.


10.06.2016 08:59

Wow just received my first order, very excited, love the products. Everything looks so much better than the photos, and very much appreciate the extra stud in the order. Thank you :)

Deborah Wilson

08.06.2016 07:54

Hi Jo, thanks for your response regarding the rings, another question sorry, I'm just trying to choose a clikz piece for the ring, however most seem to be 20mm, do they fit the ring OK? Thanks :)


08.06.2016 09:28

Pleasure. Yes they generally fit the ring but if you place an order I always check them for you before I send them out just to make sure😊

Deborah Wilson

07.06.2016 01:15

Hi there, new to your site (and quickly becoming addicted!). Do your rings come in both gold and silver tones please as only one is pictured? Thank you.

Jo Hoogerbrugge

07.06.2016 01:57

Hi Deborah.Thanks for your message.Sorry we only have the silver tone ring in stock and at this stage there is no gold tone ones available. If I can help with anything please let me now. Many thanks


04.02.2016 09:56

Thank you Jo for the very quick service I got from you. Very pleased with everything


04.02.2016 11:35

Thankyou for taking the time to give your feedback Christine. Pleasure communicating with you and awesome you are happy with your purchases

Robin Lawrence

25.01.2015 00:24

Jo Will I be able to order from Aus. and get my sister Hana to collect them from The Rotorua Markets on the Thursday.Would have phoned but can't find your card.Thanks Robin.


26.01.2015 09:11

Please place your order directly through the website and I can have this ready for Hana at the Rotorua night market this week so long as it is not rained off.Thanks Jo


25.01.2015 02:05

No problem. Please email me directly -
I am away on leave until Tuesday


25.11.2014 22:51

Are you coming to Bay View market this weekend


26.11.2014 05:41

Im at Bay View market this Saturday site number 61 just to the left of the public access.See you there.Jo


20.11.2014 02:33

I am so happy with the products. I love the variety and the fact you can change it to suit the outfit. Thank you Jo and Digger for your help and the great service


18.09.2014 23:28

Are you going to be in Hawkes Bay any time soon?


18.09.2014 23:32

Hi Tracey- I have just been to the Central Hawkes Bay Festival.Hoping to be at Haumoana Market and Crosshills in November.Can I help you with anything?

Wendy Manzie

15.09.2014 12:12

Can you please let me know when the rings are available


15.09.2014 23:35

Hi Wendy- the stretch band rings are available. Go to the heading :Shop- Rings and place your order which will be placed in your shopping cart .Hope that helps.Take care.Jo


05.04.2014 01:37

Hi. I bought some of your pieces in a lovely shop in Taupo. Am keen to get more, do you ship to Australia. Thanks

Latest comments

18.10 | 09:56

Hi Glen
Please email the store directly and we will send you some images of the leather journals.

18.10 | 09:49

Hello glenn stanton from hawkes bay and I had seen you at the feilding craft fair and I like to know if you have a selection on leather journals

21.03 | 07:59

I am interested in purchasing a stretch band ring base but can't find it in the store (to add to basket). Please advise how I go about purchasing a ring. Thanks, Suzy.

16.02 | 09:02

Hi Deb. Thanks have emailed you

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