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How Clikz works for you.

Clikz studz are a button like charm that you can insert and remove from our base pieces of jewellery- bracelets,pendants, necklaces, rings , earrings and key rings.

Clikz interchangeable jewellery enables you to express your style and create your own design.

 All base jewellery pieces have the same fitting, this fitting enables you to simply click in or remove your studz to give it a new look.

 The studz are generally inter-changeable between our base jewellery pieces and come in 18 and 20 mm.

Our petite range - 12 mm studz are listed seperately and have their own line of base pieces- these will not inter- change with our 18-20 mm base pieces.

We will indicate if a base piece is only suitable for either a 18 mm or 20 mm studz to help you

Our base pieces range from rhodium metal, stainless steel and genuinue leather or PU.

Express your style with our Clikz Collection of interchangeable jewellery

If you have any questions please feel free to email us before placing your order.

Have fun!




08.01.2021 04:40

Sherrell Prout

I got necklace for Xmas. Love it. Do you do interchangeable piece with crystals? (Precious stones, quartz etc?).