Our Clikz Collection/Shopping Hints.


Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the world of Clikz Inter- Changeable jewellery.

Our base pieces of jewellery range from genuine leather bracelets,silver tone bracelets and necklaces,bead bracelets, pendants and rings.

Our studz are generally inter-changeable with all base pieces.  

Changing your look is as easy as a 'click'' with our wide range of Clikz studz.

All base pieces are sold without Clikz studz.

Please visit the Shopping catergories to purchase our products- just add to your shopping cart and check out using secure paypal or alternatively if you would prefer to make a payment by direct credit feel free to email me the codes and I will generate an order for you.

If you cant add the product to your shopping cart it will mean that we are either out of stock or dont have the number in stock you require.

We hope you enjoy the world of inter-changeable jewellery.

We are based in Taupo and if we can assist in any way please feel free to email Jo at johoog@gmail.com or visit our store at:

Shop 8 Suncourt Plaza.Tamamutu Street.Taupo.

Jo Hoogerbrugge