18-20 mm range


A selection of bracelet and cuff designs for our 18-20 mm studz collection.

Prices from $15.00- $25.00

No studz included.


Cuff C0262

Price: 22.00 NZD
A new design in our cuff collection. In tones of aqua with a hint of orange in the cuff as well as some clear stones. Magnetic fastening and suitable for wrist sizes up to 21 cm. Suitable for 18 and 20 mm studz.

Bracelet B4584

Price: 18.00 NZD
Stretch band with imitation pearls. Suitable for 18 and 20 mm studz.

Black Leather B0605

Price: 20.00 NZD
Ooh I loving this new design in our leather range. A back leather and silver tone bracelet with a touch of bling- a clear stone charm attached to the bracelet. Suitable for wrist size up to 21 cm. Suitable for 18 and 20 mm studz

Bracelet MB3337 18- 22.5 cm

Price: 20.00 NZD
Metal bracelet for one 18-20 mm studz. Measurement- approx 22.5 cm but has a fastening that can be adjusted from a smaller to larger wrist.

Black Leather Plaited BP1871 21 cm

Price: 18.00 NZD
Black plaited genuine leather bracelet- 21 cm with black diamante stones. Approx Size : 21 cm. Suitable for 18 mm studz.

Black Leather Plaited BP801 23cm

Price: 18.00 NZD
Genuine leather Plaited Bracelet: Black Approx Size- 23 cm. Suitable for 18 mm studz. Metal-rhodium.

Black PU Bracelet BPU 0539

Price: 15.00 NZD
This bracelet has an adjustable black strap -the strap has three black strands. The fastening has adjustable silver tone links and will fit up to a wrist size of approx 21 cm. Suitable for 18 and 20 mm studz. Metal- rhodium