For Clikz 18-20 mm range

Metals- either stainless steel or rhodium and will be clearly labelled.

Priced between $20.00- $25.00

No Studz included.




Necklace N0925

Price: 25.00 NZD
Pendant and chain set . Tiny pearls in the necklace chain. Suitable for 18 and 20 mm studz. Metal- rhodium.

Necklace Tassle TN0921

Price: 24.00 NZD
Tassle necklace. Total length including tassle- approx. 54 cm with adjustable length Suitable for 18 and 20 mm studz.

Fern Necklace FN0511

Price: 20.00 NZD
A large fern shaped pendant with chain. Suitable for 18 and 20 mm studz . Metal rhodium

Necklace N5806

Price: 24.00 NZD
Chain and pendant set. Nice detailing on this pendant- clear stones give this a classic look. More suited to 18 mm studz but will fit most 20 mm studz. Chain will sit at approx. 20cm on your front. Metal- rhodium.